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Jan.29th--Post-Rumble Info: It was an amazing night in Madison Square Garden as BRET HART, emerged as the Royal Rumble winner. The excellence of execution will now move on to Wrestlemania in his homeland of Canada to face WWE Champ, John Cena. Speaking of Cena, that mo'fo retained his title against the Rock in a quick match that saw both finishers used. Cena capatalized unlike the Rock who did his little crab dance. This ain't Hollywood, jabroni. How about 8sec?... That's all it took for Beniot to prove two things to us, #1 He is not going to jail and #2 he is still a major player in the wrestling industry. Is he really not-guilty?.. Not really sure. The Superfriends, RVD and Rey won gold in what I thought was one big cluster-fuck of a match. Either way, I enjoyed it, lets see a rematch. We caught up with Owner & CEO, Antwon, with his thoughts.. "That shit was aight... Not bad for a first outing. Lets hope our first wrestlemania goes well too. Peace out bitches!"